recommendations & Requests

I have established the following Recommendations & Requests to Provide a Clean, Sanitary & Quiet Environment & to Produce the Most Effective Results.


  • Please arrive at the time of your appointment (not early or late). I'll be ready to start at the time of your appointment but if you arrive early you may wait in the Heinz Lofts Community Room
  • Be sure to schedule at a time when you will not be rushed. Please allow for up to 2 hours for the session
  • Hunger as well as overeating before a massage can interfere with your relaxation. Please eat sensibly & avoid drinking caffeine or alcohol before arriving.
  • Special attention is paid to the feet. Please be mindful about your hygiene & choice of foot wear (sandals, shoes without socks & unclean insoles can cause perspiration, bacteria & foot odor.)
  • Please Do Not come in with Athlete's Foot.
  • Please arrive freshly showered, jewelry free with no worries of hair or makeup.
  • Finally, please turn off your cell phone (including the vibrate setting)


  • Talking during the session will divert the attention from your massage. Please relax & allow for me to fully concentrate on my work to achieve the best results.
  • Your entire massage should be as comfortable & relaxing as possible. Please mention  anything that is necessary such as discomfort during the massage or issues that would require immediate attention. 
  • Relaxing the mind will result in a more relaxed body. Please trust that after warming up & assessing the muscle groups, I can find & treat the problem spots independently.
  • The more that you can concentrate on relaxing & disengaging, the easier it is for me to work & accomplish the most effective results.


  • Drink plenty of water (8-10, 8 oz. glasses)
  • Drinking alcohol (before or after the massage) is not recommended, due to the dehydrating nature of alcohol.
  • Pay attention to your breathing & body after the massage. Be aware of any thoughts or body mechanics that may bring back tension.
  • Please understand that massage has its greatest benefits over time; the therapeutic effects are cumulative. The body will respond more quickly depending on the frequency of the sessions.