About Urban Escape

About Urban Escape


Founded in 2006, Urban Escape provides customized massage therapy services with a holistic approach.
All sessions may include a combination of the following modalities, based upon your needs: BioMat Therapy, Aromatherapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release & Sports Massage.
Urban Escape is dedicated to preserving our environment & is operating an environmentally friendly business; using 100% pure & natural oils & lotions, lead free soy candles, organic 100% cotton sheets, eco-friendly synthetic-chemical free soap, laundry detergent & cleaning products. 

Jessica J. Proia, Owner & L.M.T.


Having over 20 years of experience performing various spa services, I am most passionate about therapeutic massage. After practicing massage therapy independently since 2002, I have established Urban Escape in 2006. It has always been my goal to provide an atmosphere & sessions where my clients can feel completely comfortable & relaxed. I have found it most effective to create customized massage sessions for each client & their own individual needs. Several massage modalities are combined in a session as opposed to a choice of only one.I feel that it's my job as a licensed massage therapist to listen to the client & to have the training & intuition to meet the client's needs, using the proper techniques & pressure.  I believe in treating the body as a whole, not a quick fix or work that is fragmentary. I think it's important to learn new methodologies & I am constantly working on upgrading my business & service. My clients are very important to me & I'm always excited to meet & take care of new clients.
- Jessica J. Proia 



  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Over Two Decades of Experience Performing Spa Services
  • American Massage Therapy Association Member
  • Continuing Student in Massage Therapy & Somatic Psychology
  • Experienced with a Number of Professional Sports Organizations
  • Experienced Performing Work on the Sets of Major Television & Movie Productions

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What is a Customized Massage?

  •  No two bodies are the same. This is why I customize every session for each client & their own individual needs. Rather than offering a choice of only one massage type, I combine several different massage modalities into one session. Multiple techniques are utilized for each client, always with the goals of inducing deep relaxation, loosening the muscles & increasing flexibility.
  • This is where the different massage types are utilized in phases as they serve different purposes. These goals are most effectively achieved through a longer session, slowly working into the muscle layers, always warming up & smoothing out any deep work.
  • Fewer clients are scheduled to provide the highest quality service. More time & attention is to be expected. Clients should leave feeling a noticeable improvement that should continue to last.
  • This is what I find to be the most effective for me & my practice. I welcome your questions & feedback!

What to Expect

  • BioMat Therapy, the entire session will be performed on a BioMat, an FDA licensed medical device that combines Far Infrared light & Negative Ion technology with the Healing power of Amethyst Crystals.  Just lying on the BioMat promotes a feeling of well being for a healthier mind and body.
  • A Private , Professional Studio exclusively for therapeutic massage
  • A Thorough Consultation , all needs & preferences will be discussed before the session
  • A Few Moments of Alone Time before the massage to decompress & enjoy  the BioMat, hot towels, heated, herbal neck & eye pillows, soothing music & aromatherapy
  • A Long, Slow Fusion of Several Massage Modalities to induce relaxation & produce the most effective results possible
  • All Muscle Groups will Receive Thorough Attention  & the pressure will deepen as the muscles loosen
  • A Massage Therapist who is Well Trained to find & treat the problem spots independently while you can quietly relax
  • Mental & Physical Relief During & After the Session with an overall sense of well being 
  • Respect For Your Privacy ,conservative, professional draping will be utilized throughout the entire session


  • MATT SPAETH- PITTSBURGH STEELERS, CHICAGO BEARS "As an NFL player, my weekly exercise regimen is intense & the contact in games can take it's toll on my body. I have tried numerous sports & deep tissue massages & Jessica Proia has really been able to recharge my body & keep me on the field. Working with Jessica has helped me to recover quicker & I've noticed I'm less sore after games & workouts.  I highly recommend Jessica Proia & the professional services she provides."
  • CLARK HAGGANS- PITTSBURGH STEELERS, ARIZONA CARDINALS "As a professional athlete my body needs to be finely tuned. I've received weekly sessions from Jessica & couldn't ask for anything better for my body. Not only does she spend the sufficient amount of time stretching me but the quality of every phase in her customized routines is absolutely the best that I've ever had in my 10 years of sports. Jessica's part in my life has made me a better athlete & a more relaxed person in all phases of my life."
  • ROY FARFEL- STUNT MAN"As a professional stunt man for close to 30 years, you can only imagine what abuse my body has gone through. I don't think that there is ever a time when my body isn't injury free. After spending a significant amount of time of stretching & massaging, Jessica had relieved me of the pain & spasms of my neck & shoulders. By far she is the best that I ever had. The only regret that I have is that I wish I lived closer!"
  • KALI D. ARNOLD-M.D.- " I wanted to express what a joy it has been having Jessica Proia as a massage therapist. It is apparent that she has a genuine gift & love for what she does. As an orthopedic surgeon, I can honestly say that Jessica has a true understanding of the human anatomy which aids in her massage treatments. I look forward to having more sessions with her and have recommended her to many of my colleagues."